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What Is an Esports Manager?

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David Harrington

If you have been thinking about getting into esports management as a career path, now could be a great time to take the first steps. With many potential career paths in esports management and related sectors due to the field expanding, there are some exciting opportunities out there for those who have the right skills and education.

What Are Esports Manager Jobs?​

Esports managers are responsible for overseeing esports teams or entire esports operations, including things like game design, marketing, and even sales. There are many different esports manager jobs out there, ranging from those directly in the esports industry to opportunities in other sectors (such as event companies and game development businesses).

Role and Responsibilities of an Esports Manager​

The exact esports manager job description can vary depending on the title and sector, but some common job duties for esports managers include:

  • Managing esports partnerships
  • Developing esports teams
  • Handling everyday administrative tasks
  • Communicating with sponsors, team members, and other parties

Required Skills for an Esports Manager Job​

To be successful in an esports manager job, it is important to possess both hard and soft skills that include:

  • Leadership
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Negotiation
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Organization and time management
  • Ability to delegate tasks as needed
  • Proficiency in game development and design tools

Career Pathways in Esports Management​

Esports management is a burgeoning field, offering a variety of roles that cater to different skills and interests. Below are just some of the most common career paths in esports management to consider if you are interested in this field. From team coordination and event planning to marketing and brand development, these positions play crucial roles in the success and growth of the esports industry.

Client Service Representative in Esports​

Client service professionals work directly with clients, taking on more of a customer service role to answer questions and address concerns while representing an esports team, division, or league.

Social Media Marketing Manager in Esports​

These are professionals responsible for maintaining the social media presence of an esports team, league, or similar entity. They may handle scheduling new posts, responding to comments and messages, and running ad campaigns on social media platforms.

Product Manager in Esports​

In the esports industry, product managers are responsible for researching, developing, and releasing products related to an esports team, event, or similar production.

Digital Marketing Manager in Esports​

Digital marketing managers in esports may handle the advertising and marketing plans for esports teams and events. This may include spreading the word about upcoming events, selling tickets, and promoting merchandise.

Opportunities in the Esports Industry​

Below are some other esports manager job opportunities in the management realm to consider within the esports industry. These positions, which include roles such as engineering manager and fan development manager, require a blend of traditional business acumen and a deep understanding of the gaming community.

Engineering Manager in Esports​

Esports engineering managers often work for esports gaming companies to oversee teams of engineers and help them bring an idea to fruition.

Media and Partnerships Manager in Esports​

Esports leagues and teams need media and partnerships managers to help them establish and maintain professional relationships with broadcast networks and other media.

Fan Development Manager in Esports​

Some esports gaming and event companies also hire fan development managers to serve as liaisons between teams and fans.

Esports Manager Roles in Different Sectors​

Not all esports management professionals work directly for esports teams or leagues. That said, take these other roles into account as you consider your career options.

Esports Solutions Manager in Tech Companies​

Tech companies, including media companies, may hire esports solutions managers to help oversee different projects or plan special events.

Esports Sales and Event Manager in Event Companies​

Sales and event managers are usually hired on by larger event companies to oversee and manage teams in preparation for a special event, such as a tournament or competition.

Gaming Manager in Game Development Companies​

Game development companies also hire esports gaming managers to oversee all aspects of a new game’s production, planning, and development.

High-Level Esports Management Jobs​

The esports industry offers a ladder of career progression that mirrors many traditional sectors. In addition to entry- and mid-level esports management jobs, some experienced esports managers go on to work in higher-end positions. These roles often involve strategic planning, partnership development, and overseeing large-scale projects that shape the future of esports organizations.

Director of Esports Partnerships​

Esports partnership directors are responsible for maintaining and strengthening relationships between esports leagues/teams and their sponsors, partners, and other involved parties.

Senior Product Manager in Esports​

Senior product managers in esports are usually in charge of teams of product developers to design, create, and sell merchandise related to a specific esport team, event, or league.

Vice President and General Manager in Esports​

Esports teams also need vice presidents and general managers to handle nearly every aspect of building successful teams, from recruiting to marketing and more.

Interested in Learning More About Esports Management?​

Whether you end up working on the marketing side of things or serving as a general manager, there are plenty of exciting career opportunities for those with the right knowledge, experience, and skills in esports management.

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<p>If you have been thinking about getting into esports management as a career path, now could be a great time to take the first steps. With many potential career paths in esports management and related sectors due to the field expanding, there are some exciting opportunities out there for those who have the right skills […]</p>
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