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Using std::normal_distribution in function template [duplicate]

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I'm working on a function that generates a uniformly random point on the surface of unit d dimensional hypersphere. What I'm trying to do is to generate d random numbers with standard normal distribution to form a d dimensional vector, and then simply normalize it (Why? See here to find out: Hypersphere point picking). Here is my C++ code

#include <iostream>
#include <random> 
#include <vector>

std::random_device         _random_device;
std::mt19937               generate(_random_device());
std::normal_distribution<> standard_normal(0, 1);

template <typename type> 
std::vector<type> uniform_on_unit_sphere (const int &d) {
    std::vector<type> v(d); 
    type v_2norm_sq = 0;   
    type v_2norm_inv; 
    type rand; 

    for (int k = 0; k < d; k++) {
        rand        = standard_normal(generate); 
        v[k]        = rand;
        v_2norm_sq += rand * rand;  

    v_2norm_inv = 1.0 / std::sqrt(v_2norm_sq); 

    for (int k = 0; k < d; k++) {v[k] *= v_2norm_inv;}

    return v;

int main() {

    int d = 5; 
    std::vector<double> u = uniform_on_unit_sphere(d); 

    for (int k = 0; k < d; k++) {
        std::cout << u[k] << " "; 
    return 0; 

When I run the code, it gives an error

main.cpp: In function 'int main()':
main.cpp:45:53: error: no matching function for call to 'uniform_on_unit_sphere(int&)'
   45 |     std::vector<double> u = uniform_on_unit_sphere(d);
      |                                                     ^
main.cpp:23:19: note: candidate: 'template<class type> std::vector<_RealType> uniform_on_unit_sphere(const int&)'  
   23 | std::vector<type> uniform_on_unit_sphere (const int &d) {
      |                   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
main.cpp:23:19: note:   template argument deduction/substitution failed:
main.cpp:45:53: note:   couldn't deduce template parameter 'type'
   45 |     std::vector<double> u = uniform_on_unit_sphere(d);

I want to make use of template to define uniform_on_unit_sphere() that can use for all real number data types. How should I fix?
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