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User Experience Designer for Interior Design Software

  • Thread starter Thread starter Sagan
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Job Title: User Experience Designer for Interior Design Software
Remote (CST Time zone)

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 09:00 am to 06:00 pm CST


Company Overview

Sagan is an exclusive membership community for top executives, founders, and CEOs seeking to hire and maximize the impact of international talent. We bridge the gap between global talent and US-based businesses, connecting candidates from vibrant regions like Latin America, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Africa with leading American companies. Discover a world of career possibilities with Sagan.

Client Overview
Sagan is representing a company that helps Interior Designers express their creative vision to their clients with a super-easy to use 3D modeling tool. Our Member aims to make residential design easy and hassle-free, countering the outdated and difficult-to-use technology currently available to Interior Designers.

Job Overview
As a User Experience Designer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that our 3D modeling tool is intuitive and accessible for Interior Designers, most of whom may not be very tech-savvy. You will be responsible for simplifying the research, testing, design, and coordination with engineers to create an exceptional user experience.


  • Work with the Product Manager to understand customer problems through existing User Stories.
  • Conduct User Research to identify customer problems and feature gaps.
  • Test the product independently and with customers to understand usability issues.
  • Propose workflows and designs to address user needs.
  • Communicate with engineers to discuss the feasibility of proposed designs.
  • Ensure that designs are implemented correctly by the engineering team.
  • Job Qualifications & Skill Sets
  • Expertise in conducting User Interviews and User Research.
  • Strong skills in Intuitive Design and creating user-friendly interfaces.
  • Proficiency in Figma for designing and prototyping.
  • Excellent clear communication skills.
  • Ability to spend 40% of your time testing with users, testing independently, and conducting research.
  • Ability to spend 40% of your time building user stories, proposing wireframes, and overseeing implementation.
  • Ability to spend 20% of your time coordinating with engineers to propose and implement designs.

Qualities We Look For

  • Ownership: You will largely be responsible for shaping what this product looks like. If you want to leave your mark on a company and truly own the look and feel of a product, this role is right for you.
  • Proactivity: We value initiative and the drive to improve. If you see something that needs changing, we want you to initiate and drive that change by building prototypes and coordinating with necessary team members.
  • Speed: Our team moves fast and believes in testing over extensive planning, though both are important.
  • Simplicity: We prioritize building the simplest user experiences possible.

Join a team that is passionate about revolutionizing the way Interior Designers work with cutting-edge 3D modeling tools. Apply now to make a significant impact and shape the future of residential design technology!

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