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Senior Backend Engineer - Node.JS

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Factor Eleven


We are looking for an experienced Senior Backend Engineer to expand and optimize our digital advertisement SaaS suite of applications. Using technologies such as NodeJS with TypeScript, federated GraphQL, Docker, AWS and Apache Kafka, you'll be designing microservices and other back-end components, and integrating data storage, monitoring and protection solutions. Your primary focus will be the development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of central databases and message busses, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end. Additionally you'll conduct regular code reviews, provide guidance to other team members, and contribute to workload estimations, project planning and architecture discussions.

You will join a cross-functional team under a Product Owner to contribute to our multi-tenant SaaS product and ad-serving network.

To ensure success as a Senior Backend Engineer at Factor-Eleven, you should possess extensive knowledge of NodeJS based services, good knowledge of AWS and/or Kafka, great knowledge of GraphQL/REST-APIs and experience in a similar role. An accomplished SBE will be someone whose expertise results in the stable, fast, and secure exchange of data between servers and end-users, and who successfully shares that expertise with the wider team. Ultimately, a top-class Backend Engineer at F11 should be able to envision, plan, develop, test and deliver scalable microservices in an event-driven multi-tenant architecture, and teach others to do the same.


  • Developing and maintaining microservices and back-end components.
  • Ensuring optimal performance of databases and responsiveness to front-end requests.
  • Collaborating with developers, product owners and stakeholders on the design and integration of elements.
  • Developing high-performance applications by writing testable, reusable, and efficient code.
  • Implementing effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions.
  • Running diagnostic tests, repairing defects, and providing technical support.
  • Documenting server-side processes, including database schemas, message events and sagas, as well as preparing reports.
  • Recommending and implementing improvements to processes and technologies.
  • Provide mentorship and technical supervision to team-members.



  • 5+ years experience as Backend Engineer or similar role.
  • Strong proficiency of NodeJS with TypeScript, web stacks, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of front-end technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Experience with user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
  • High familiarity with fundamental design principles behind scalable applications.
  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes.
  • Good knowledge of event-driven architecture, message busses, and/or pub/sub-systems.
  • Proven expert knowledge Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Superb interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • Excellent familiarity with git, npm, docker and Jira.
  • Extensive experience in mentoring teammates in a respectful, educative manner.



Factor Eleven's tech department is the inhouse tech scale-up responsible for our SaaS product suite offering localized digital advertising to enterprises of all sizes and shapes. We're powering the engine that Factor Eleven is successfully built upon and elevate the possibilities of our product on a daily basis. In 2022 we've scaled up, literally doubled in headcount and in 2023 we'll double again. We're working together to fulfill our ambitions as a top ad-tech provider by continuously leveling up the quality and expanding capabilities of the entire platform, as well as our engineering and product organization.

Join our amazing team in our mission to move digital localized advertisement forward and enjoy the freedom, camaraderie and perks of our fully remote operations.


  • Transparent, above-market salaries
  • 100% remote within Europe
  • Flexible work-hours and part-time models
  • Be part of a fast-growing, highly-skilled team
  • In person department and company events
  • Home office, co-working space and work-together allowance
  • Personal and professional development courses from Udemy
  • Case by case relocation and visa support

Please note that you need to be residing in and hold a work permit of a country in the European Union to be considered for this role.

About the company

We are a leading technology company offering advertisers, agencies and small and medium businesses (via resellers) the most intuitive digital advertising platform with a local focus on the market. With our powerful digital media products, we are a true alternative to Google and Facebook on the Open Internet. Currently, our platform supports the media channels “Display”, “Mobile and “Video”. “Digital Out of Home” and “Addressable TV” will follow shortly.

Founded in 2014 by our CEO Alexander Anhuth, we rely on proprietary algorithms, 100% brand safety, full transparency and offer solutions for national, regional, and local campaigns that are billed on a KPI basis. We are constantly developing our technology stack to automate and simplify the process from campaign planning to billing. This means that campaigns can be booked not only using the managed service, but also via self-service in the style of Google and Facebook. In addition, we also provide an API to be able to integrate our tools and products directly into the working environment of our customers. In 2019, we convinced the jury of the SMARTech Awards with our approach and won the award for most innovative startup.

Thanks to the successful cooperation with agencies, advertisers and resellers, our platform currently processes thousands of simultaneously running campaigns for over 1,000 companies. We are proud to count renowned companies such as Vodafone, Poco, Group M, 11880, Holidaycheck, Funke Medien and many more among our customers and partners. Currently, our team consists of about 90+ employees who, in addition to the German market, also serve the Austrian, French and Italian markets. We already have our sights firmly set on entering other markets.