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Senior 3D Stylized Weapon Artist

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We are seeking for Senior 3D Stylized Weapon Artist to work on one of the biggest Metaverse projects ever Seedworld on Unreal 5.2+.
As a 3D Weapon Artist you will deploy your excellent understanding of usual 3D artist softwares (Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance, etc) to create unique stylized weapons for Seedworld.

Create Stylized 3D model of weapons: both high and low poly versions
Create UV and Bake of Weapons
Create high quality textures in Substance Painter
Work within the technical limitations inside Unreal Engine 5
Match the required art style of Seedworld
Ability to cooperate with teammates to streamline the art creation process
When assigned a task, work with your Leads/Art Producer to create a plan and schedule
Communicate your progress of work to your Art Director and leads
Active participation in technical and artistic discussions and problem solving.
Ability to summarize his work and documentation to make internal and outsourcing communication better for the full team.

Required Qualifications:
4+ years in creating weapons for FPS/TPS experience in the gaming industry with at least one AAA game (stylized) shipped on PC or console in the last 3-5 years.
Knowledge of low-poly and high-poly modeling in Maya and Zbrush
Knowledge of additional softwares such as Substance Painter/Designer, UE5
Ability to create and texture a 3D stylized model from concept
Highly creative/artistic skills and exceptional attention to detail

Desired Qualifications:
Strong knowledge of all the 3D requirements before shader (UV, Texture Layout) and common 3D pipelines.
Fast, organized, collaborative and able to handle feedback.
Strong organizational, communication skills and a fluent level in English along with understanding production values, deadlines and priorities.

Bonus Skills:
Experience with developing shaders in ShaderFX for Maya essential.

100% remote

-21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.
-Sick days.
-Budget for training / courses.
-Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.

Apply Now

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