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Product Designer

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Prophet Security

Company Overview

Prophet Security is a force multiplier for security teams. Prophet leverages generative AI technology to streamline the triage, investigation, incident response, and remediation of alerts. As a result, Prophet reduces manual, tedious, repetitive work for security teams and empowers them to focus their time on higher value security tasks. We are seeking a talented product designer to champion the user experience for security analysts. You will translate the power of generative AI into intuitive interfaces and workflows that empower security teams to leverage Prophet's capabilities seamlessly.

Role Summary

As our first Product Designer, you'll wear many hats and play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience of our product. You'll be responsible for the entire design process, from user research to visual design and implementation. We're looking for someone who is a creative problem solver with a strong understanding of user-centered design principles.


Interaction Design

  • Wireframing and Prototyping: Develop wireframes, interactive prototypes, and mockups to visualize and iterate on design concepts.

  • Information Architecture: Organize and structure content in a way that is logical and easy to navigate.

  • Interaction Patterns: Design intuitive interaction patterns and user flows that enhance the overall user experience.

  • Design effective data visualizations to communicate complex security data clearly and concisely.

Visual Design

  • Create Visual Assets: Design high-fidelity UI elements, icons, and other visual assets that align with the brand’s visual identity.

  • Brand Consistency: Ensure that all design elements are consistent with the brand’s style guide and visual standards.

  • Design Systems: Develop and maintain design systems and component libraries to ensure scalability and consistency across the product.

Usability Testing

  • Plan and Conduct Usability Tests: Develop test plans and conduct usability testing with early customers to gather feedback on prototypes and live products.

  • Analyze and Report Findings: Identify usability issues and provide actionable recommendations to improve the user experience.

User Research and Analysis

  • Conduct User Research: Perform qualitative and quantitative research to understand user needs, behaviors, and pain points through interviews, surveys, and usability testing.

  • Analyze Data: Synthesize research findings to generate insights that inform design decisions and product strategy.

  • User Personas and Journey Mapping: Create detailed user personas and map out user journeys to highlight user goals, motivations, and interactions with the product.

Customer Feedback and Support

  • Monitor User Feedback: Continuously gather and analyze user feedback through various channels to identify areas for improvement.

  • Iterative Design Improvements: Make iterative design changes based on user feedback and performance metrics to enhance the overall user experience.

  • Proven experience as a product designer (or similar role)

  • Strong understanding of user-centered design principles and methodologies (e.g., user research, usability testing)

  • Excellent visual design skills and a strong sense of aesthetics

  • Experience with Figma

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities

  • A passion for startups and a willingness to learn and grow
Bonus Points

  • Experience working in a fast-paced startup environment

  • Understanding of front-end development principles (e.g., HTML, CSS)

  • Experience with design systems

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