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Produce a result using partial match from data within a specified cell

  • Thread starter Thread starter Tanya Vander Vecht
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Tanya Vander Vecht

I am looking to pull the name of a customer from the tab "Contact_Data" based on a partial match to the data in column C of the tab "Chart_Graph". I will be using this later to produce reports that show the last time a specific customer was contacted, but this is the key piece to getting to that point. Right now I need to focus on solving this equation first.

Please see link to the sample sheet that I have created.

Access Sample Sheet

I have attempted to be as detailed as possible and this issues impacts a very important project I am working on. I would ask that you please ask me questions before simply closing this question as that makes this process much more difficult than it needs to be and I am checking back frequently so I will be responsive.

I have tried FILTER combined with FIND, SEARCH, REGEXMATCH, and I have tried VLOOKUP which is what is in the sample sheet in Column D. All produce some results but not all. Changing FALSE to TRUE, produces results, but 98% incorrect results.

The formula in the sheet currently which produces SOME results in column D: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C2&"*",Contact_Data!$A:$A,1,FALSE)," ")

if TRUE produces mostly incorrect resuts: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C2&"*",Contact_Data!$A:$A,1,TRUE)," ")

I have also tried with no success: =FILTER(Contact_Data!A:A, FIND(C2, Contact_Data!A:A)) =FILTER(Contact_Data!A:A, REGEXMATCH(Contact_Data!A:A,C2))

The following formula works until I pull it down the column, then it only works in the last cell because it spills over. I do not know how to limit it to 1 response in the cell where the formula is contained. See column G =FILTER(Contact_Data!A:A, SEARCH(Contact_Data!A:A,C2)) Error produced when expanding: "Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in G4."

I have also tried using QUERY. I again get some results, but it is not working to produce a result in each cell in the column where there is data to test in Column C and it should be able to. Please see column F: =QUERY(Contact_Data!A:C, "select A where A contains '"&SPLIT(C2, ",")&"'", 0)

**So I need one of three solutions: **

Column D - VLOOKUP that produces a consistent result. Pulling the correct name from the Contact Data Tab, column A that partially matches the same embedded within the notes in Chart_Graph column C.


Column E - Filter(Search that allows the formula to produce a result in each cell in column E based on the partial name in column C.


Column F - Query that is able to produce an accurate result in each cell in the range where data exists in column C

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