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Lookup Partial Match based on text in a defined column [closed]

  • Thread starter Thread starter Tanya Vander Vecht
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Tanya Vander Vecht

I am looking to pull the name of a customer and their contact information based on a partial match to the data drawn in from calendar entries to assess the last time that the person was contacted and use a list chart to display this. Please see link to the sample sheet that I have created.

You will see that my formulas are working for a couple of entries, but not all. I cannot seem to figure out what is making it not work for every entry.

Access Sample Sheet

I have tried FILTER combined with FIND, SEARCH, REGEXMATCH, and I have tried VLOOKUP which is what is in the sample sheet. All produce some results but not all. Changing FALSE to TRUE, produces results, but 98% incorrect results.

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