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Junior Web Developer

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For every person joining us for any entry-level position, there is a path and an opportunity to reach an executive role and become a company partner.
Antons Sapriko, Company Founder

Video stories of colleagues who joined as Junior Developers:

Alfreds Genkins,
from a Junior Developer to Practice Lead, Product Owner, and CTO. Latvia.

Imran Isak, from a Junior Developer to a Full-stack Developer. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Andrii Antoniuk, from a Junior Developer to a Team Lead. Ukraine.

Sandis Bogacenkovs, from a Junior Developer to a Senior Developer. Latvia.

How to become a Junior Web Developer at scandiweb eCommerce expert team?
We are a very inclusive company with colleagues from over 30 countries across all continents. Our ratio of female developers is among the highest in the industry. We welcome people from all walks of life who can complete a technical test, which includes a coding challenge.

The tests cover knowledge of HTML and CSS for the front end, as well as PHP and MySQL for the back end. We also provide a Test Automation suite for you to test your work before submitting it.

Anyone who completes the test is invited to a technical interview, with a 90% chance of being employed. We are confident that if you can complete the test task and the technical interview, you have the necessary background for us to guide you further on the path to engineering expertise and enterprise-level delivery.

Your previous experience and education do not matter; what matters is your ability to deliver results starting from the test task, and your enthusiasm and openness to embrace new knowledge and processes. You can even fail the test and redo it; we will provide you with feedback and will appreciate your ability to act on it to improve and pass. Continuous learning and acting on feedback are among our core organizational values.

What are the responsibilities of a Junior Web Developer?
Once you start your career at scandiweb, your first responsibility is to complete onboarding in the company, setting you up in all the processes and systems. This process is set forth in our Learning System and you will be supported by an HR member of our team.
Your next responsibility is to complete the Starter Training Course to ensure that you can join a commercial project with the minimum necessary knowledge of the workflow and quality requirements.

Once you start your active work in the role of Junior Web Developer, your responsibilities will include:
  • Revising your active pipeline of tasks, discussing them at Daily Standup making sure that tasks are clear for you and nothing blocks you from delivery;
  • Estimating tasks to the best of your knowledge;
  • Producing code following platform, language, or library standards that address the goal expressed in the task assigned to you;
  • Testing the code and the resulting functionality to work as expected following test scenarios on the required platforms and devices;
  • Aiming to fit into your estimates improving estimation skills through retrospectives;
  • Deepening your knowledge of libraries, frameworks, and platforms that are necessary for successful delivery for the customers;
  • Initially, you will focus on one specific technology or platform among the ones we use and later you will have an opportunity to expand your knowledge with other ones. The libraries we work with are React, JavaScript, Alpine, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, ScandiPWA, Adobe Commerce, Magento, Pimcore, Sanity, and Shopify Plus;
  • Discussing your approach to a task delivery and following the guidance of senior colleagues or a Team Lead;
  • Providing daily status updates on your work and reflecting your delivery in commit messages, task comments, and time logs to facilitate transparency and teamwork;
  • Integrating internal and external AI tools and Co-pilots to improve the speed and quality of your coding.
Further career growth for Junior Web Developer
You will get support in career counseling from our HR department as each career path is unique taking into account your personal strengths and ambitions.

A successful Junior Web Developer usually moves to an Engineer position within a year, further advancing to a Senior Engineer/Full Stack Engineer within the next year or two mastering the technology, communication, and business context of their work.

Further professional growth and development can lead to you becoming a Practice lead or a Team lead and ultimately culminating in a co-CTO and Partner position within the next 2-5 years.

What will help you to advance in your career starting as Junior Web Developer?
  • Understanding your success KPIs that we will share with you and setting the goals to improve them;
  • Ability to speak up and proactively ask questions about your work, seeking clarification for your tasks, support, and guidance from your senior colleagues;
  • Ability to integrate the use of various performance optimization tools in your learning and delivery;
  • Following the continuous learning process passing suggested courses internally and obtaining valuable external credentials such as globally recognized certifications that the company will arrange for you;
  • Participating in company-organized events to foster collaboration both online and offline.

What is the compensation package of a Junior Web Developer at scandiweb?
  • Competitive starting salary relative to the market;
  • Salary revisions and upgrades that happen twice a year;
  • Growth path to become an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Team Lead, and Partner;
  • Support for hardware upgrades;
  • Core health insurance coverage and sports bonuses;
  • A diverse multinational team of experts to learn from;
  • Best tools for collaboration, coding, quality assurance, and communication;
  • Company covered training and certification;
  • Legendary online and onsite events to celebrate our success together.
Next steps
  • Apply and fill in the application form
  • Receive the test task and complete it.

Here is what people who joined as Junior Developers want to share with you:

“Joining scandiweb as a trainee was just the beginning of an incredible journey. After a month of intensive training and guidance from my mentor, I delved into my first project. Reflecting on my time here, I realize how much I've grown as a developer and expanded my knowledge of various tech stacks.

It's nearly impossible not to progress at scandiweb. Surrounded by seasoned professionals who are always willing to share their expertise, the learning environment is second to none. If you're open to learning, you'll find yourself gaining solid experience and growing rapidly.

My time at scandiweb has taught me that no challenge is insurmountable. Even when faced with seemingly complex problems, there's always a solution waiting to be discovered.”

Murman Vadachkoria, Developer from Georgia. Joined the company on 27/4/2021

I joined scandiweb 2 years ago with ZERO experience but with a passion to learn and grow.
scandiweb helped me in my first steps and is still helping me to continue to grow even further by conquering new fields in technology. I was led by an amazing mentor who taught me to adapt and grow fast in an expert environment.

scandiweb offers a friendly environment to start as a junior and become a senior.”

Beshoy Samuel, Developer from Egypt. Joined the company on 21/3/2022

“I started working at scandiweb with no previous experience in software development outside some personal projects and school work. The first few months at the company intrigued and challenged me, but I was up to it because of the awesome teams I was part of. Especially, the experienced developers who helped me to gain experience and become an expert myself.

scandiweb is a great place to start as a junior developer. You can boost your talent by continuous learning and with the support of the amazing people who work here.”

Adam Varga, Developer from Romania. Joined the company on 7/2/2022

“When I joined scandiweb, my first projects were real challenges for me. Because I had and still have supportive colleagues who are eCommerce experts, I learned from them to solve problems with a smarter approach that helps me be more organized. Being a developer in scandiweb I continuously learn how to solve complicated things with smart ease and best as possible.”
Vladimirs Prokopovics, Developer from Latvia. Joined the company on 6/4/2021

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