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Import New Google Sheet table to Another Spreadsheet

  • Thread starter Thread starter daiichi18
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I know that google sheets just recently released the new table features, and I am currently using them. I want to import the table named "gs_ob1" from the spreadsheet with ID "1sjgB7dyKYop0OVe9_4IxWek9IlVjtD9WUyoGzjuSkis" to another spreadsheet (different file) with all of the latest features.

This is my syntax: =ARRAYFORMULA(1sjgB7dyKYop0OVe9_4IxWek9IlVjtD9WUyoGzjuSkis, gs_ob1) However, this did not work. I don't want to use IMPORTRANGE because some new features of the table will be disabled (e.g. dropdown, checkboxes, etc).

If I use ARRAYFORMULA function to import the table from one sheet to another sheet within the same spreadsheet (same file), the features will also be imported. I used this Syntax: =ARRAYFORMULA(gs_ob1) and it worked. (link of the video here to show this worked)

But I want to import the table (not the range) to another spreadsheet. How can I achieve this without using IMPORTRANGE or QUERY? Appscript? Macros?

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