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How the struct 'param_traits' is defined in OpenCL?

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In OpenCL's C++ header file, line 1611, there is code as below:

template <typename enum_type, cl_int Name>
struct param_traits {};

#define CL_HPP_DECLARE_PARAM_TRAITS_(token, param_name, T) \
struct token;                                        \
template<>                                           \
struct param_traits<detail:: token,param_name>       \
{                                                    \
    enum { value = param_name };                     \
    typedef T param_type;                            \

It first defines a struct template. Then it defines a macro. It seems when the macro is expanded, it will specialize the struct. It's strange that it add members into the structure also. I'm not very familiar with the newer C++ standard. So, how the code works here?
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