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Graphic Designer / Video Editor

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Arbitrage Media GmbH

Hey there! We're Arbitrage. It's about time we got to know each other, don't you think?

Are you also looking to work with thriving e-commerce brands and create high-performing video and image creatives that scale on Meta, TikTok and Youtube?

Cool, because that's what we do!

But that's not all. By the end of 2023, we aim to be the go-to growth partner for premium 7- & 8-figure DTC brands that want to scale. Scale REALLY hard.

We are a dedicated team of digital marketing enthusiasts from all over, and our mission?

Creating a playground for elite marketers and editors who love their work and deliver astonishing results to a select group of top-tier DTC e-commerce businesses.

Now, let's get straight to the point. Who are we looking for to join our team?

Right now, we are in the phase of finding a new A-player to create Meta, TikTok & Youtube Ads!

So, we are hiring an expert video editor that can create high-performing video and image ads.

You will be incentivized EVERY WEEK!

For every winning ad you create you will receive a bonus. The KPI will adjust every quarter as we improve. But this bonus is UNCAPPED!

So, you think you've got what it takes?



🎨 You will work closely with our creative strategist and create and tweak ads to hit KPIs (CTR, Scrollstop, CPA etc.)

🔍 You will build a list of your favorite DTC brands' ads, take courses and stay up to date with the latest social media trends & tools

🔧 You will work with Adobe programs, create image, video as well as animation ads

📊 You will put out quality edits until we find the format that works best for our brand



👉 C1 English

👉 Ecommerce Experience

👉 Min. 40mbps internet speed

👉 High attention to detail

👉 Experience with Graphic Design and Video Editing using Adobe Suit (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)



✔️ Fully remote

✔️ Performance Bonuses if you hit targets

✔️ Focus on only a handful of premium brands instead of 50+ nightmare clients

✔️ Access to 100+ hours video content of some of the best digital marketing courses

✔️ Motivated, close-knit team of experts (we don't want to be a 30+ people agency, rather a small 10 people team of absolute A-players)

✔️ We try to give you everything you need to grow a client AND yourself: courses, consulting with experts etc.

I am looking forward to your application!

You can also contact me via LinkedIn or email.

About the company

Hey there! We're Arbitrage. Great to meet you!

We are a close-knit team of digital marketing experts from all over, and our mission?

Creating a playground for elite marketers who love their work and deliver astonishing results to a select group of top-tier DTC e-commerce businesses.

Arbitrage is a premium boutique growth partner and we're supporting our clients with customer acquisition through paid ads, mainly Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram).

We are involved in over $1M monthly ad spend and are one of the few Meta Business Partners.

We are always looking for talented people who love their work and want to become the absolute best.

You think you got what it takes?

I am looking forward to your application!

Apply Now

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