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Google Sheets: is it possible to automatically transfer data from the same cell in different sheet tabs to one table?

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Im currently attempting to make an invoice template with a built in log that will allow me to just duplicate a template tab, rename to invoice number and then output the total owed to a logs tab to keep track of what i am owed and when i received the check.

Currently the setup has it so the total is always in Cell D21 but it'd be cool to just store the total to a value and output it to the log so it didnt always read the same cell.

im currently having to manually go through and put ='tab name'!D21 in each tab of the rows which is annoying. i tried dragging down to each other row but it only adds 1 to the cell number rather than the sheet name (in hindsight this was obvious) is there a way for me to solve this?

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