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Google Sheets Image() function now requires users to hit Allow Access

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Accessing data from external parties is newly blocked by default for any spreadsheets. This change happened starting on 07/02/2024. I have many PHP scripts that creates spreadsheets and prints them in PDF programmatically but now the spreadsheets cannot access data from external parties anymore and thus the result is wrong.

I cannot find a way in the Google Sheets API documentation how to allow access programmatically.

Before day 7 all the flow was working correctly, the image URLs are public and without access restrictions, anyone has a solution to grant access programmatically?

here is some of the code where I use the IMAGE() function:

foreach($ORDEN["pics_docs"] as $pic)
    array_push($requests_mergeCellsInRow, get_mergeCellsInRow_request($currentRow, $sc, $ct, $sheetId));
    array_push($requests_formatForCells, get_formatConceptWForRow($currentRow, $sc, $ct, $sheetId));
    array_push($requests_updateDimensionPropertiesForRow, get_updateDimensionPropertiesForRow_request($currentRow, $imgw, $sheetId));
    array_push($values_forCells_userEntered,["=IMAGE(\"".$urlImages."/".$id_orden."/".$pic["doc_name"]."\"; 1)", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""]);
    array_push($values_forCells_userEntered, []);
insertValuesOnCellsRange($values_forCells_userEntered, $sheetName.'!A3', $serviceSheets, $spreadsheetID, "USER_ENTERED");
batchUpdate(array_merge($requests_mergeCellsInRow, $requests_bordersForCells, $requests_formatForCells, $requests_updateDimensionPropertiesForRow), $serviceSheets, $spreadsheetID);

The sheet is correct except for the lock permission which breaks the flow and the only permissions I have assigned to the sheet is:

    $newPermission = new Google_Service_Drive_Permission();
    $result = $serviceDrive->permissions->create($spreadsheetID, $newPermission, array('fields' => 'id'));

I attach a couple of images with the legend of the problem

Message Warning in a new spreadsheet with image() in A1 cell

Message in spreadsheets generated by script

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