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Full-Stack Engineer (Backend leaning)

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This role is remote, so it can be executed globally. However, to facilitate working with the engineering team we strongly prefer candidates on the East Coast (US) or in Europe (NY/London/Warsaw/Berlin).

About ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is a growth-stage startup that has built the most advanced AI voice models and AI voice products (text to speech, audiobooks creation, dubbing, and the voice library).

We launched in January 2023 and have since reached over 1 million users and partnered with the world’s largest publishers (The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The Atlantic), media companies (Super Hi-Fi, D-ID, Futuri), and gaming studios (Paradox, Cloud Imperium Games, Don’t Nod). We are backed by the leading names in tech and AI (Nat Fridman, Daniel Gross, Andreessen Horowitz, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, Oculus VR co-founder Brendan Iribe, Deepmind & Inflection co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, and many others).

We have a unique mix of in-house cutting-edge machine learning research (led by our co-founder Piotr, who was previously a researcher at Google) and strong product-led traction (led by our co-founder Mati, who was at Palantir before and after the IPO).

We have recently concluded our successful Series-B funding round and are hiring to double down on our initial traction to make ElevenLabs a truly generational product company and research lab.

Join us in shaping the future of voice technology.

About the role

We are looking for Full-Stack engineers to develop and maintain both front-end and back-end components of our product suite.

Your general responsibilities will include:

  • Building and maintaining our products and platform on top of our cutting-edge voice models, which will be used by millions of users.

  • High degrees of ownership. You will be responsible for shipping end-to-end features across the front and back ends of our stack, as well as helping set the direction of the features and products you're working on.

  • Collaborating closely with others on the Engineering, Growth and Sales teams to understand, and design solutions for, our customer and internal team’s most important problems and workflows.

We believe in pairing engineers with work that matches their strengths and interests. This means that there is significant flexibility in staffing engineers across the company. However, your specific responsibilities might include:

  • Scoping and building brand new proof of concept products, sometimes directly with partner customers, that could later be scaled to capture entirely new markets.

  • Improving our existing products to ensure that they’re intuitive, powerful and make innovative use of our research team’s latest break-throughs. This could involve making sweeping UX changes, adding significant functionality, or building integrations with other common consumer/enterprise solutions.

  • Maintaining and strengthening our internal infrastructure as we scale and grow to ensure that our products remain live, performant and secure.

  • Working to collect, manage, and process massive-scale datasets to lay the groundwork for the next generation of voice models at the forefront of generative AI.

Who you are

We are a young company of highly motivated individuals who work together while being spread across the globe. Each one of us is driven by the pursuit of excellence, supporting one another while taking ownership of our outcomes, and exploring uncharted territories. To thrive in this environment, you embody these attitudes: You are passionate about text-to-speech AI driven by a desire to make content universally accessible and breaking the frontiers of new tech. You are a highly motivated and driven individual with a strong work ethic. Our team is committed to going the extra mile, even if it means working long nights and weekends to achieve our goals. You strive for excellence in every aspect of work, consistently taking ownership of your outcomes and overdelivering on goals. Have a humble attitude and are eager to learn whatever it might take to help your team and our customers succeed.

What you bring

We do not require any formal experience, certifications, or degrees. Instead, we are seeking enthusiastic software engineers who can showcase solving impressively hard problems with artifacts such as past projects, designs, or GitHub contributions. We do require:

  • Expertise in Python

  • Experience with Web Development using Typescript/React

  • Familiarity with common software and system design patterns and infrastructure including APIs, cloud infrastructure tools, storage solutions, data structures etc.

  • Test design and security awareness preferred

What we offer

  • Stock options; we want you to have ownership in the company and share the successes that lie ahead. That’s why we offer early employees stock options as part of their compensation package.

  • Remote-first; we look at who you are rather than where you live. Our core hours are 2pm to 6pm GMT. As long as you are able to cover them, we support your preferred location.

  • Huge impact; there’s no endless debugging or refactoring of legacy code. You’ll ship features impacting millions of users, and contribute to the platform enabling it all.

  • Extraordinary team; we favor ambitious, smart people striving for outsized impact. You’ll work on the state of the art surrounded by people with extraordinary skills and positive attitudes.

  • Competitive compensation and stock options.

  • Flexible working hours; besides our core hours, you build your day the way you prefer.

  • Bi-annual company off-sites; the last two were in Portugal and Switzerland.

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