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FreeMarker/NetSuite PDF Template - Double sorting by date, with possible empty values

  • Thread starter Thread starter Edgardo Barría Melián
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Edgardo Barría Melián

I need to sort a list of records and render them in a table, but they have to be sorted by a "From Date" column, and then by "To Date" at a second level. I checked the documentation for ?sort_by but it doesn't mention any support for double sorting.

Thought these would work but it's doing a different thing.

<#list invoices?sort_by(['from_date', 'to_date']) as inv>

<#list invoices?sort_by("from_date")?sort_by("to_date") as inv>

Also, some records have empty values for "From Date" or "To Date".

Unsorted table
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