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Engineering Manager, Detection

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Intuition Machines

Intuition Machines builds enterprise security products using AI/ML. We apply our research to systems that serve hundreds of millions of people, with a team distributed around the world. You are probably familiar with our best-known product, the hCaptcha security suite. Our approach is simple: high agency, small teams, and rapid iteration.

The Detection team’s mission is to empower our engineers and customers to identify fraud and abuse. This team builds tools, infrastructure and features that are core to the product and its machine learning capabilities. As an Engineering Manager you will be responsible for leading solutions that directly impact user risk analysis and mitigation. Working with team members you will continuously iterate and develop cutting edge features that improve our detection capabilities.

What will you do:
  • Manage, grow and support a team of experienced engineers responsible for applications, tools and infrastructure that drive our security products.
  • Work closely with engineers, scientists, stakeholders and other domain experts to come up with and execute on unique solutions that contribute to detection and mitigation of fraud and automation.
  • Mentor and guide engineers to grow in skill and knowledge, allowing them to make the best decisions given the right tools and context.
  • Participate in code and architecture design, contribute to feature development and maintain high quality standards via peer reviews and mentorship.

What you will learn:
  • Gain knowledge and experience working with a system that impacts hundreds of millions of users per day, along with some of our biggest customers.
  • Learn about security, labeling, and machine learning through product features and knowledge sharing amongst the company.
  • Utilize the latest technologies to design and develop scalable solutions along with monitoring tools that provide unique insight into both our users and customers.

What we are looking for:
  • 8+ years of professional experience in software engineering
  • 2+ years of leading or managing engineering teams
  • Extensive experience with Typescript or Python, familiarity with other languages like Rust, Go, or C++
  • Understanding of distributed systems and scaled operations, ideally in the context of having built applications that scale to handle millions of requests per second.
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes and Docker
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in building a high-performing and highly engaged engineering team, preferably in geo-distributed orgs.

Nice to Haves:
  • Experience working with edge workers (Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Edge Compute or Akamai Serverless Compute)
  • Production level applications with Rust and or Golang

What we offer:
  • Fully remote position with flexible working hours.
  • An inspiring team of colleagues spread all over the world.
  • Serious impact: very few organizations run at our scale.
  • Pleasant, modern continuous development and deployment workflows: ship early, ship often.
  • High impact: lots of users, happy customers, high growth, and cutting edge R&D.
  • Flat organization, direct interaction with customer teams and high product influence.

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all members of our team.

Join us as we transform cyber security, user privacy, and machine learning online!

About the company

Intuition Machines is growing rapidly. We are looking for systems, security, and machine learning engineers. If you are interested in working on cutting-edge research that rapidly goes into production at scale, this is the right place: our products serve hundreds of millions of people.

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