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Director of Marketing

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Qatalog is an Enterprise Intelligence platform that helps teams work faster and smarter by providing ‘One Search bar for your Business, insights and operations’ leveraging Generative AI. Our mission is to make work effortless with real-time access to information across all of a business applications. Founded in 2019, Qatalog has raised $26 million in venture funding from backers including Atomico, Zoom, and Salesforce.

The team

We're a committed, experienced, and compassionate team with former Amazon, SalesForce, Apple, Microsoft and TransferWise alumni pioneering remote working practices. You’ll join a collaborative group of professionals from many different backgrounds, who’ve built and scaled large teams and products.

Director of Marketing

We are seeking a Director of Marketing to join our team as the primary voice in defining, articulating, and executing marketing, brand, creative, and go-to-market strategies. You’ll champion the voice of the customer across the organization, build and lead a high-performance marketing team, and establish principles, guidelines, and best practices to ensure consistent, scalable, and cost-effective initiatives. Collaborating with cross-functional leadership to align projects with marketing goals, contributing to the long-term organizational roadmap, and hire, coach, and develop future marketing leadership. This role contains but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Be the primary voice in defining, articulating and executing marketing, brand,creative and GTM strategies.
  • Articulating a vision for marketing and brand that the organisation can use as a north star for all its initiatives.
  • Develop and operationalise a marketing strategy that continuously drives up Qatalog’s brand strength, positioning and relevance in an ever-crowded market.
  • Champion the voice of the customer across the organisation to influence strategy across product, sales, engineering, operations and design.
  • Translating key company objectives into a marketing strategy, allocating resources and executing plans to achieve them.
  • Build a high-performance marketing organisation. Hiring best-of-breed marketing, SEO, content, brand, customer success and experience talent.
  • Establish marketing principles, guidelines and best practices to follow. Ensuring the decisions made across the marketing team are consistent, high quality and scalable.
  • Ensure marketing and growth initiatives are scalable, cost-effective, performant and within budget and delivered within expected timelines.
  • Support, coach and develop marketing team members through regular 1:1s, continuous feedback and helping them establish relationships with people across the organisation.
  • Collaborate effectively with other leadership across the organisation. Partnering closely with Product, Engineering, Sales, Design and Operations to ensure projects are aligned with marketing goals and are deliverable.
  • Play a cross-functional leadership role and contribute to the long-term organisational road map.
  • Growing and maintaining the high quality of the marketing organisation by hiring and managing talent throughout.
  • Hire, coach, and develop future marketing leadership for the organisation.
  • Embody strong values, lead by example and do the right things. Ensure that the people we hire have a good heart, earn the team’s trust, are open minded and empathetic.
  • Contribute to culture, intellectual curiosity and management practices to help us become the best place to work for ambitious, highly motivated and talented people.
  • Insist on the highest standards. Continually raise the marketing bar to help teams deliver high quality experiences, products and solutions.
  • Represent Qatalog with press, analysts, events and speaking opportunities.


  • Marketing Experience: You should have experience working as a Head of Marketing or Marketing Director in a B2B Saas business, with a proven track record of success across digital marketing, growth marketing, content marketing, product marketing, and brand marketing.
  • Strategic Thinker: You have a demonstrated ability to develop tailored, focused strategies that have achieved measurable success in driving marketing efforts.
  • Leadership: You have a track record of providing direction and focus to cross-disciplinary teams, fostering cohesion and alignment around marketing goals.
  • Data-Driven: You possess strong analytical skills, making data-driven decisions by interpreting marketing trends, customer behavior, and measuring campaign performance.
  • Creativity: You bring an innovative mindset to the table, driving forward-thinking marketing initiatives that capture the target audience's attention and drive engagement.
  • Communication Skills: You are a compelling communicator, both in writing and verbally, with the ability to effectively position the company and its services.
  • Start-up Experience: You have led marketing for SaaS solutions at an early-stage startup or high-growth B2B organization and thrive in the ever-changing landscape that this type of environment brings (and the need to often wear many hats).
  • Remote-First Culture: You are flexible, adaptable, and possess the entrepreneurial mindset that aligns with an asynchronous and geographically dispersed working environment.


  • Competitive salary benchmarked to location
  • Meaningful stock options
  • 25 days annual holidays
  • Comprehensive health, vision and dental insurance
  • Company offsites - this year we headed to Malta!
  • Mental Health & Physiotherapy cover
  • MacBook and accessories, along with a remote setup allowance
  • ThanksBen benefits platform
  • A remote first company headquartered in London (Shoreditch)

About the company

What we’re building

Technology should make work easier, not harder. But today’s chaotic sprawl of tools and apps make this feel like a distant dream.
Qatalog’s mission is to make work effortless by giving teams easy access to company knowledge and systems, and automating routine tasks.

We’re creating a new world of work for your team, where the speed of thought is the only limit to your productivity.
Backed by Atomico, Salesforce Ventures, Mosaic and Zoom, we’re on a mission to make work effortless and would love for you to join us!


Our culture

We're a committed, experienced, and compassionate team with former Amazon, Mozilla, Microsoft, Wise, and Stripe alumni. A collaborative group of professionals from many different backgrounds, who’ve built and scaled large teams and products. In our work, we guide ourselves with a few important principles. Our solutions are always embedded in customer problems. When putting together plans, we think ahead and break them down into small steps. Our main focus is keeping things simple for everyone and revealing step by step the complexities that may exist. We work asynchronously and take time monthly to do online and in-person team events. Every week we have coffee chats and spend 30 minutes talking about everything else but work. We have a diverse team consisting of 12 nationalities and often we learn new things about different countries' food and traditions.

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