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Director Of Finance

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(This is a REMOTE role)

Are you a Finance Leader looking to join one of the fastest growing healthcare tech startups that is disrupting the broken healthcare system?

We're looking for a hungry, “I want to be a CFO someday” type of person
to lead our finance and HR team. Someone who's got a couple years in a fast-growth startup and a strong finance and accounting background.

You'll be part of the leadership team, and report directly to the CEO.

If that sounds like you, then keep reading :)

About Breakthrough

The current healthcare system is broken with layers of dysfunction that cripple (no pun intended) the $30B physical therapy industry and the patients it should be relieving.

When people experience pain in their body, invasive treatments like addictive medications and surgery are often recommended well before conservative methods - even though they can produce better/faster outcomes at a lower cost.

Breakthrough is on a mission to help people in pain get back to normal naturally without pharmaceuticals or dangerous and unnecessary surgeries by efficiently connecting patients in need to fantastic therapy providers.

We grew from 0 to over $8MM ARR in under 4 years with solid profit and zero outside investment. In fact, it all started with about $300 in cash. The story behind is too long to tell here so you'll have to ask about it.

Physical therapy is a $30 Billion industry with an annual growth rate of 5% or higher. We believe we will be able to reach $15MM ARR in the next 3 years. We have plans to go deeper into Physical Therapy and into other health markets that align with our purpose.

Our Remote Team & Culture

If you ask anyone on our team what the best thing about Breakthrough is you'll get the same answer. The people. When I started this company I was sick of the typical Bay Area grind and vowed to create a company where I'd love to work. I wanted to create a place where people could be themselves. Where people could connect with a real purpose and have a role in affecting it. And where people could live life the way they want to. In doing that we stumbled onto our biggest asset, which is our team and culture. We've attracted amazing and insanely smart people from all over the map who care deeply about our purpose. We have people who come from epic companies (like Tesla, Salesforce, and Microsoft) and people who achieve great things outside of work (Ultra marathon runners, motocross racers, and an Olympic wrestler). Although we're remote, we're closer with one another than anywhere else I've worked. The team loves the culture and works hard to live the values and protect it as we scale.

What you'll be taking on:

As our finance leader, you'll be responsible for all things financial for the company.

Finance Responsibilities:

  • Financial Modeling Proficiency (experience building out accurate financial models for high-growth startups, with familiarity calculating SaaS metrics like gross & net revenue retention, churn, customer acquisition costs & payback periods, a huge plus)
  • Experience closing the books on a monthly basis and providing accurate, timely, and relevant financial statements
  • Experience with AP, AR, and collections
  • Experience with financial system implementation and integration into other systems
  • Experience with cash management
  • Experience creating departmental budgets and managing results against budget
  • Leadership and management - including hiring, leading, managing, and developing a rockstar team

HR Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing HR functions, ensuring alignment with company culture and values
  • Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives that support the overall business strategy
  • Managing recruitment processes to attract and retain top talent
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory HR requirements
  • Leading performance management and employee development programs

This is for you if…

  • You are purpose-driven and want to create an impact in a fast growing company alongside an extraordinary team.
  • You are a “hungry and talented” leader who wants to be a CFO someday
  • You want to work in a place that values being real and wants you to show up to work as you are, speak your mind, have productive conflict, and have fun.
  • You're always learning and obsessive about developing yourself.
  • You are tired of the typical “venture backed startup” that is constantly pulled around by investors… We are purpose driven, highly profitable, self-funded, and don't have to answer to anyone but ourselves. If you're tired of the former, then you may find it refreshing to work with a team that actually has the freedom to make their own decisions without needing to react to investors.

Other awesome things about the opportunity…

  • You get to be part of transforming the healthcare industry. Our mission is to help people in pain get back to normal naturally (instead of overusing pharmaceuticals or getting unnecessary surgery). If you have a problem with the current healthcare system or a passion for natural health then you'll love what we're up to.
  • You get to work remotely. We care about your results and impact on the business here and really want you to be able to live and work where you want to.
  • You get to be part of an amazing team of incredibly driven people who are constantly learning, growing, and encouraging one another.
  • We invest a LOT of money in training for our team… If you love learning, you'll love it here…
  • You get full benefits (Medical, Dental & Vision)

Our Values = Your Values:

  • Elevate Others
  • Be Real
  • Beginners' Mind
  • Own The Results
  • Do Shit That Makes A Massive Difference
  • Seeks to Understand the Customer First‍⚕

Salary Range: $135k-$175k DOE

Apply Now...

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