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Can Apps Script have priority of calculation over Google Sheets formulas calculation?

  • Thread starter Thread starter Marcus Catan
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Marcus Catan

To put it simply, when google sheets show that green loading bar on the top right of the screen, my scripts run VERY slowly and often time out. I'm talking about over 85% error rate here. However, if the google sheets is not loading, it executes the script in just a few seconds.

Can I insert in the script something that would make google sheets prioritize the Script over the spreadsheet calculation?

(I'm aware this can lead to potential errors as it might transfer data before google sheets finishes updating.)

I'm also accepting any alternatives that would help the scripts to not time out (excluding turning the spreadsheets lighter. All steps to this have already been taken, but I'm in a startup that's still structuring its DWHs so there's some amount of data still stored in google sheets and I need to run Apps Scripts to move the data between spreadsheets)

Thanks in advance for all help.

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