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Brand Designer

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About LiveKit

LiveKit is revolutionizing the AI landscape by providing the essential network infrastructure that powers multimodal AI interfaces, enabling seamless audio and visual interactions. Founded in 2021 LiveKit has rapidly grown to support over 20,000 developers, including industry giants like OpenAI, Character AI, Spotify, and Meta. Our open-source tools facilitate real-time audio and video applications across various sectors, from customer support to autonomous farming. With a recent $22.7 million Series A funding led by Altimeter Capital, LiveKit is valued at $110 million and continues to drive innovation in AI's "nervous system," ensuring efficient and scalable data transfer to enhance AI capabilities.

While LiveKit operates as an infrastructure company, we believe that every detail matters—from backend to frontend, from a single line of code to a single pixel. Design is not just how it looks, but how all the pieces work and fit together — from a developer landing on our homepage to connecting and interacting with our APIs for the first time.

We’re in search of a Brand Designer who can bring deep visual craftsmanship, taste, and creativity to LiveKit. Someone to refine and evolve our existing design language through our next phase of growth.

What you’ll do

  • Refine and evolve our brand across typography, color, visual expression, and motion.

  • Create and templatize content and assets for brand and marketing initiatives, including graphics, animations, illustrations, and more.

  • Identify opportunities and make recommendations to bring brand cohesion to our design system.

  • Collaborate on a brand/marketing strategy across marketing channels including email, social, and web.

  • Identify and execute on opportunities to extend and elevate our brand across product and marketing surfaces.

  • Collaborate with various teams to improve cohesion between our brand and product surfaces.

  • Make things ✨

Who you are

  • Your portfolio showcases a diverse set of beautiful and delightful designs with exceptional craft in layout/composition, typography, color, visual expression and motion.

  • Craft and detail oriented, but able to manage scope and move quickly without sacrificing quality.

  • Collaborative spirit that enjoys working with designers, developers, and stakeholders from the beginning to end of projects.

  • Effective communicator with a strong design point of view while being open and welcoming feedback from stakeholders.

  • Proficiency with Figma + your favorite design tools.

  • Excited about what LiveKit is building.


  • Have designed for OSS, developer tooling, or similar previously.

  • Experience translating animation/motion to product with Lottie, Rive, or other techniques.

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