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Account Manager

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PublicSquare Company Values

1. We are united in our commitment to freedom and truth - that's what makes us Americans.
2. We will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life.
3. We believe small business and the communities who support them are the backbone of our economy.
4. We believe in the greatness of this Nation and will always fight to defend it.
5. Our Constitution is non-negotiable - government isn't the source of our rights, so it can't take them away.

This is a flexible (remote, in-person, or hybrid), full-time W2 position.

Working at PublicSquare

We're a well-funded, publicly traded (NYSE: PSQH), startup, seeking to restore America by bringing freedom back into the mainstream via the PublicSquare app. A team dedicated to connecting freedom-loving Americans with the community and companies that share their values.

We are passionate about our mission, we work hard, and we know how to have fun!

Here are a few perks of working at PublicSquare:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurances with HSA option
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible work hours

Account Managers at PublicSquare act as a strategic and supportive partner for PublicSquare Business owners. Account Managers focus on building loyalty to ensure long-term client retention by presenting product/contract information, addressing customer issues, and fulfilling the advertising inventory that was sold.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Own all advertising channels. Working with other Account Managers and cross department stakeholders to optimize and expand current advertising inventory
  • Act as “the point of contact” for advertisers including but not limited to facilitating welcome emails, analytics reports, communications concerning contracts and invoices, and providing suggestions regarding business content to improve advertisement success
  • Collaborate with the Sales Department identifying and assigning new sales opportunities by discerning potential customer value
  • Optimize existing processes within PublicSquare and actively enhance all Account Management initiatives
  • Review client complaints and concerns and seek to improve all aspects of the client experience with PublicSquare
  • Lead cross department projects to optimize PublicSquare Processes.
  • Collaborate with other Account Managers on how to improve Client experience. Testing different processes & adjusting strategy based upon desired results.
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of PublicSquare’s brand and advertising services, assist customers with questions, and suggest the best solution for their needs
  • Schedule all advertising content working with other departments to make judgment calls on what will be best for the the client and best for the company
  • Pick customer ad content and use past campaign data to make judgements on optimizing future campaigns
Desired Skills and Qualifications
  • 3-5 years of experience in Customer Service or Customer Success position
  • Experience working with brand image and promoting value through customer experience
  • Exceptional ability to communicate and foster positive business relationships
  • Experience analyzing and optimizing the existing processes in a Client Success or Customer Success Department
  • Deep understanding of customers concerns and the ability to troubleshoot as needed

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